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Sel, ghost to the ferry’s decks she doth glide

like a deer to the hunters gaze,

alert, awareness full, but dead inside

to the peace of autumns shorten’d days.

Spell book in hand, yet adorned in dolls dresses

whose trains thrash aside the leaves of patchwall

dances she to wrack Cyndor’s pace.  Tresses

long, flailing declaim a tranquil dawn

to life returned.  Must be her dogs of war

doth haunt this very run, past ‘Bonc and Imeryds

way.  Long Nulb’s own creek and frozen bars

have Dain, Cyril and crew puzzl’d her weird

to no refrain.  ‘Tis plain, without a doubt;

to still her hounds, she must get in, to get out!


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Planted, firm the halberdiers stood,

a miniature line, prepped and shined

to dull day’s violent breach with steel and wood.

Archers three, strings taught played the second line.

Shafts quarreled thrust tall from the gravel quarry

awaiting bowman’s pluck to sing songs martial.

Midwives strange, the men at arms would dally

not to proof the Ogre’s rush with tactics final.

Mother’s dying cries broke ‘gainst basalt

scarp and roused the astrologer to birth.

Varena Liga, launched into the frays tumult

from malevolent mosaics came forth

a changed man.  A scholar of astral pattern

he would now study blood and iron.



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