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Tall tales, whiskey and blood doth Mazy’s spray! When clear’d espy those drinking at third place; home to Robert Footswift, Bob’s own table. ‘Twixt tankards do spread crimes and plans most foul; those caught bragging catch the cutpurse’s pick. Worse Bob himself may flay standing liars and cheats caught dressing the table in brass; dress your tales plain ‘fore jousting this drake sooth.

Hear now then news from your bards faithful tongue!  Now that gold burst sacks  from  honest work, the fairgrounds neat, stalls pitched and prey espied we might, on this eve of viscount’s tourney turn anxious eyes to fear a Patchwall’s dawn.  Ha ha ha we, rogues, sharpers and robbers all, fear?  Drink!  Devour!  Shoot forth thy sacks bounty on yonder doxy’s rouged and faithless cheeks.  Live!  And to Istus a shill for morrow’s turn.  Still know thou Brewfeasts tithes for drunken turns; Trithereon’s week shows poorly Wenta’s flow’ring, and poor delvers are turn’d ‘way first at Needfest.

Well now fear not, pick not thy true bard!  Hear ye now promising news of employ.  Has it sooth patrons few a plan; a project lucrative and dangerous.  Adventure, southern and east of Hommlet, east of Hommlet say I this humble bard!  Dip now tankards full and toast to pleasure, yet ride those rims eyes wide to spy,

A steel hard crew, resolve sharp, gaze set
to pierce eye tyrants n’ gas spores alike
would retain sharp spears ‘gainst ancient threat,
given men with the mettle of their pikes.
Short in years, yet long in tears this company
would front aquamarine for swordsmen bold,
lavish amber on skalds for melody,
guide courser’s true with well wrought gold
and strike perfidy with swift and fletched shaft.
Amethyst to the theurgists, or scrolls
of studied might; pearls for burglers craft,
but to the righteous a different dole
would parole their faith south and east to face
foes infernal, or vanish without trace.


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