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Earth’s foul quiver did let the fearsome bolt

that, by Romag’s release flew to Fire’s gate.

But righteous song of rights proof did volt

the bands demise! Five masques of hydra’s hate

did gird the flames. By Lolth’s dreadful string

Sel wound the fate of two. Rufus shorn

a third by pole. Yet remainders slashing

snags cut Olo nigh in twain! Sword sworn

blue then sallied to the fray, and by Cuthberts

mote did pierce the breast of Echidna’s worm.

The girdle loosened, ’twas the buttface twins retort

to fire the guardians troll, and end the storm.

To complete, our band escaped the Canon’s plan,

tithing hydra’s bound heads to cheering guardsmen.


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