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Delvers heed the call of season’s change!

Trace north the cursed arrows fletch

past Jewel, and the Kron to Welkwood Fringe.

Make due counter there of foul shrine eldritch

with bivouac bold! Friends, to your mark!

Shove aside the hearths meagre comforts

to sketch in sharp detail your life’s great work

across this frosted pane. Heroes deport

to bold lines and the strongest verse, thoughtful

in strategy, reserv’d and ready, yet quick

as the bloody drake to launch their fateful

sting! Prove yourselves the devils wrack!

To the gaming table, hie and fling

the dice to adventure; into spring!


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Gaze deep through weary winter snows

past lofty Lortmils singing frosted chords

to Gnarley Forest; see, a black spring grows!

‘Tis demon’s broth mere sigils cannot ward

nor old heroes turn by remember’d feats.

Southerly of the squalid Nulb ruins await

her baleful tones and cacaphonous beats,

and the fool to chime our heinous fate

through facets of four faced golden key.

Joined they from four strange boxes

these gems give awful choice; placate She

of Layers Nefarious, or turn She with same rocks?

Bode they the wisest course that fell at Emridy,

to hold hell on earth temporarily?

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