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1. The Hunter’s Close
Feinting they lance the foetid moathouse boil,
and move our crew in orderly retreat
To await in rows putrid evil’s roil
slaking ‘fore long their shar’d vengeance replete.
Braced fresh their arms receiv’d the row
of black guards mail’d and veteran true
unfaz’d, answering with disciplin’d bow
in steel rains concert’d that foulest hue.
Wise to martial wisdom Olo did splash
flaming murder, enlivening shadows
‘cross the warrens walls of fell figures gnash’d
in pain and dashing back down sooted burrow.
There glimps’d Farthammer his strategy’s fruits –
three guards running, four dash’d in armor’d suits.

2. Crossing the Foul
mesmer’d not by reverse feint travers’d our
heroes that horrid dungeons sodded roof
in croaking passage of Celene’s glower.
Wise to the hold they counter’d bugbears proof
by entrance rear, missing holes murdering
in manner’d charge, but strong bolts descried
Olo’s pride to enter first; his piercing
the tumbled breach did fuel bugbears reprise.
Yet the blackguards fumbled their swords to reach,
and half orcs full armed for Hextor’s play
dashed buckets of cursed blood to preach
their righteous cause and turn the fray.
And so in breaking wide the villain’s home
did Farthammer strip this reserve to bone.

3. Taking Lareth
Pursued now by hunters close and
countered ‘fore by Dain Saint Cuthbert’s maid
Lareth, dark beauty and demoness’ brand
failed to stand, leaving his men betrayed.
Traveled he not far ‘yond moathouse door
when turning he faced his hunter and cried
“Lolth, deliver me!” Staff raised to ward
his wicked queen replied, so Lareth died.
Unleash’d from black armor’s tenacious shell
his soul flew forth to mark in Dryder’s form
his lord hunter, and by that cursed yell
did strike Ramses down in manifold swarm.
And tho’ Lord Cyril’s crew did moathouse close
he lies, Farthammer, hunted in webb’d repose.


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