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Of leaves maple and birch this curtain wrought,
the stage bare lawn ‘fore battlements ’tis
holding us now to see the conflict fought
for Hommlet’s soul so they say. ‘Tis naught
two braggards wagering small means brawling
The one, horrors, made same of Loki’s hide
th’other, sooth born a captain wrestling, bearing
to grave his gypsy train his sueloise pride
but more. ‘Neath noise of clatt’ring pieces gold
close heard a bosom’d song of working men
-to sleep past danger, and all the stories told
-or rise now arm’d ‘gainst dangers legend?
Welcome sir, this fair Hommlet tis.
sooth plain told now sir, in shadows sight,’tis not.


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Words overwrought, stay for fallen Moonleaf,
Simple of Beorn’s first rose he to call
of Mother’s duty, mending her ancient weave
with blue birds song and whipporwill the wall
against temples foul entropy until
winds chilled, darkening autumnal skies
in icy shafts of hail did claim the kill
of copper’d veins and Black Jay’s child; why
Warren? Except in passing say to teach
the spiral’d trace of sad palms drop doth speak
of darkness rising, plain words to fair reaches
for patched walls, arms rais’d to ward the weak.
Now rest, Celene’s young veil, your work be done;
your lesson taught, our geas yet begun.

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